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   Web Presence

A web presence is the online equivalent of a simple yellow pages ad. Nothing fancy. Just basic information on your business and how to contact you. While yellow pages ads can cost thousands of dollars a year, and that's a recurring cost, a web presence can cost as little as $250, and the recurring costs are even less.

When someone wants to find a local business these days, they're more likely to use a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo than the yellow pages. If you're still paying for that yellow pages ad, are you getting your money's worth? Can someone successfully search for your business online? A web presence can provide that online search result that can boost your business.

You can have a basic web presence for as little as $250. This includes a domain name registration for two years, a business email address incorporating that domain name, and a simple web page with your business contact information and logo. Your web page will be optimized to allow search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find your page, when someone is looking for your specific business. And like the yellow pages, it will allow your business to show up when someone is searching for your type of business in your area.

The recurring costs are a renewal fee for the domain name registration, after the initial two years, and any updates or additions to the basic web page. The domain name renewal is currently less than $25 for two years. This renewal price is subject to change. Updates or additions to the basic web page are charged at the rate of $25/hour, with a one hour minimum charge. For example, if your phone number or address changes, your web page can be updated to reflect that change. If you've added a new employee to your business, their name and phone number can be added to an existing web page.

You may want something with a little more substance than a basic web presence. More information on your business, a more extensive list of your products or services, and even an online ordering system can be provided at the rate of $25/hour. Once a set of requirements for your more advanced web site is finalized, you'll be provided with a quote for the services.

Remember, the content of your web page is your responsibility. You'll need to provide contact information like addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and pictures of your business and employees if needed. You'll also need to provide descriptions of your services or products, and at least rough ideas for any graphics to go on your website. Consulting on this is available at the same rate of $25/hour.

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